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All About Us

Certified & Veterinarian-Backed

Founded in 2000, we offer a variety of classes that focus on pet communication, socialization and science-based behavioral theory. No matter what service you book with us, you’re guaranteed to learn everything there is to know about raising a respectful and problem-free pet.

At Dawgfather & Co | Dog Training, our aim is to provide real solutions to the most common challenges that pet owners face. Through expert behavioral coaching and applying kind, approachable, and humane principles, we are here to help you alleviate all of that unwanted owner stress.

Meet the Team

Train With the Best

Since 2000, we’ve created a team of experienced and talented trainers who are leaders in the field of pet training. Scroll below to learn more about them, their experience, and how they can help you and your pet today.

Hiding a Smile

Taylor Quill


Taylor Quill has been part of the team since our founding. As a professional trainer, Taylor Quill has a magic touch in molding pets' behavior by building positive experiences and promoting a strong relationship between human and pet.

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Young woman with Tattoo

Kris Ward

Senior Trainer

Kris Ward is an accredited pet trainer and a consummate professional, who adores animals and is known for being patient and caring. Kris Ward is also in charge of our online training videos - check them out today!

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Guy with Arm Tattoo

Alex Smith

Training Assistant

Alex Smith is a certified professional pet trainer. With years of experience, Alex Smith has worked with countless pets over the years. With an undeniable love for animals, they are always around pets, whether at home or professionally.

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